Roads starting with letter P

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Found 140 streets, shown from 1 to 48.

Pakeway road🇬🇭 Accra75641027
Pah road🇳🇿 Auckland5631630113
Old Paarl road🇿🇦 Capetown2.6K857015
Pagasvlei road🇿🇦 Capetown1.1K115059
Pine road🇿🇦 Capetown21621064
Pinewood road🇿🇦 Capetown1.3K16048
Pinehurst road🇿🇦 Capetown2.4K7029
Pakuranga road🇳🇿 Auckland1.4K6300189
Palatine road🇿🇦 Capetown1.1K52018
Palm Jumeira road🇦🇪 Dubai1.6K1183011
Palmer road🇿🇦 Capetown1.9K20026
Palmerston road🇿🇦 Capetown313430310
Palota road🇭🇺 Budapest15981066
Pálvölgyi road🇭🇺 Budapest573123079
Palmyra road🇿🇦 Capetown730119097
st Pancras road🇿🇦 Capetown1.0K14017
Pannónia road🇭🇺 Budapest8361580168
Pannonhalmi road🇭🇺 Budapest424840811
Paradise road🇬🇭 Accra76145018
Park road🇿🇦 Capetown76962014
Park road🇳🇿 Auckland13271014
Park road🇳🇿 Takapuna41252004
Park Villa road🇿🇦 Capetown51012019
Park hill road🇳🇿 Takapuna45281008
Parkdene road🇿🇦 Capetown1.9K90018
Parkova road🇺🇦 Kyiv192190027
Parnell road🇳🇿 Auckland1881460117
Parry road🇿🇦 Capetown78223015
Parrish road🇳🇿 Auckland36353027
Patiki road🇳🇿 Auckland98256006
Paton road🇿🇦 Capetown7499015
st Patricks road🇿🇦 Capetown39311018
Páfrány road🇭🇺 Budapest78571057
Páfrányos road🇭🇺 Budapest99069049
Pasaréti road🇭🇺 Budapest597332058
Pengem road🇿🇦 Capetown1.3K15016
Penguin road🇿🇦 Capetown1.3K8037
Penzance road🇿🇦 Capetown4919028
Penny branch road🇿🇦 Capetown1.4K120211
Penrhyn road🇳🇿 Auckland37614017
Penrose road🇳🇿 Auckland864211017
Penhurst road🇿🇦 Capetown1.0K13038
Peppertree road🇿🇦 Capetown202130110
Peregi road🇭🇺 Budapest2.4K1430106
Perényi road🇭🇺 Budapest58299057
South Perimeter road🇿🇦 Capetown1.2K30009
Puriri road🇳🇿 Auckland2.2K74046
Periška road🇸🇮 Ljubljana53387017

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