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Found 37 streets, shown from 1 to 37.

1st  road🇷🇺 Stary Oskol56034500
1st  road🇿🇦 Capetown1.0K8200
2nd  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk1.8K6601
3rd  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk1.0K3501
4th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk1.9K11201
5th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk1.9K11301
6th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk1.6K5401
7th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk1.8K10701
9th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk1.4K9511
10th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk8049401
11th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk7969701
12th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk78810101
14th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk9739201
15th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk76411301
16th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk75611701
17th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk74812101
18th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk74112400
19th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk73512601
21st  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk7444301
22nd  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk1.0K6001
24th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk90912301
25th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk90512801
26th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk1.4K18601
27th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk1.4K18701
28th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk1.4K18701
30th  road🇷🇺 Cheboksary425700
30th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk1.4K25001
31st  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk1.4K25101
32nd  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk1.4K25401
33rd  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk1.4K23701
34th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk1.4K22801
36th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk1.4K21600
38th  road🇷🇺 Chelyabinsk1.5K19601
123rd  road🇷🇺 Sarov989200
762nd  road🇭🇺 Budapest7661501
2408th  road🇧🇭 Manama1736900
2427th  road🇧🇭 Manama30212100

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