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Found 11 streets, shown from 1 to 11.

1st  avenue🇺🇸 New York63110300
2nd  avenue🇺🇸 New York6408900
3rd  avenue🇺🇸 New York46510300
4th  avenue🇩🇴 Santo Domingo Este26214500
5th  avenue🇺🇸 New York6953400
6th  avenue🇺🇸 New York4259900
7th  avenue🇺🇸 New York41310200
8th  avenue🇺🇸 New York3739900
9th  avenue🇺🇸 New York389600
10th  avenue🇺🇸 New York4107900
Bicentenario avenue🇨🇱 Santiago8781270112

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