Streets and lanes of Kostroma

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Found 532 streets.

1st block

2nd block

3rd block

4th block

5th block

6th block

7th block

8th block

9th block

10th block

11th block

12th block

Apraksinskiy drive

Armeyskiy 2nd drive

Armeyskiy 4th drive

Armeyskiy 6th drive

Babushkinoy, Naty street

Baydarskaya street

Bazovaya street

Begovaya street

Belenogova, Yuriya street

Beregovaya street

Beregovoy 2nd drive

Blyakhina street

Borby street

Borovaya street

Boyevaya street

Bulvarnaya street

Dachnaya street

Davydovskiy 5th drive

Davydovskiy-1 microdistrict

Davydovskiy-2 microdistrict

Davydovskiy-3 microdistrict

Debrya, Nizhnyaya street

Deminskaya street

Deputatskaya street

Dimitrova street

Dolgaya polyana street

Drovyanaya street

Druzhby street

Frunze street

Gagarina street

Galichskaya street

Galichskiy drive

Gari settlement

Golubkova street

Gorkogo street

Gornaya street

Gorodskaya street

Lenina street

Lermontova street

Lesnaya street

Lineynaya street

Magistralnaya street

Makaryevskiy drive

Manturovskiy drive

Marta, 8 street

Mikhalevskiy boulevard

Mikhalyovskaya street

Mira avenue

Moskovskaya street

Naberezhnaya street

Naberezhnaya, Nizhne- street

Narimanova street

Nekrasova street

Novikova, marshala street

Novoselskaya street

Novosyolov street

Novy settlement

Ogorodnaya street

Okruzhnaya street

Oktyabrskaya street

Olkhovaya street

Opalikha street

Osennyaya street

Osoaviakhima street

Ostorozhny 2nd lane

Ostrovnoy lane

Ostrovskogo street

Osypnaya street

Ovrazhnaya street

Panovo microdistrict

Pantusovskaya street

Pantusovskiy 3rd drive

Partizanskaya street

Polevaya street

Polyanskaya street

Poselkovaya street

Prigorodnaya street

Rabochaya 5th street

Rabochaya 7th street

Rabochaya 8th street

Rabochaya 9th street

Rabochaya 11th street

Rabochaya sloboda street

Rabochiy avenue

Radiozavodskaya street

Razyezd, 5-y km street

Rebrovskaya street

Rechnoy avenue

Rechnoy 3rd drive

Severnoy pravdy street

Shagova street

Sharyinskaya street

Shcherbiny, Petra street

Silikatnaya street

Simanovskogo street

Slavyanskaya street

Smirnova, Yuriya street

Solonikovskaya street

Solonitsa street

Sovetskaya street

Sutyrina street

Titova street

Tkachey street

Torfyanaya street

Transportnaya street

Tselinnaya street

Tselinny 2nd drive

Tsentralnaya street

Tsentralnaya 2nd street

Uchastkovaya 1st street

Uchastkovaya 2nd street

Usadebnaya street

Vasilyevskoye highway

Venetsiya microdistrict

Vodyanaya street

Vodyanoy 2nd lane

Volzhskaya street

Volzhskaya 2nd street

Vostochnaya 2nd street

Voyenny gorodok 1st block

Yakimanikha microdistrict

Yamskaya street

Yaroslavskaya street

Yermakova, Yevgeniya street

Yerokhova street

Yubileynaya street

Yubileyny microdistrict

Yunosheskaya street

Yunykh pionerov street

Yurasova, Olega street

Yuzhnaya street

Zadorina street

Zagorodnaya 1st street

Zapolnaya street

Zaprudnya street

Zarechnaya street

Zarechny 1st drive

Zavodskaya street

Zavolzhskaya street

Zelyonaya street

Zelyony lane

Zemlyanaya street

Zhilaya street

Streets on letters H, J, Q, W, X

Streets of Kostroma, whose names begin on letters «h», «j», «q», «w», «x», doesn’t exist.

All streets and lanes

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