The Comoros, officially the Union of the Comoros, is a sovereign archipelago island nation in the Indian Ocean located at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel off the eastern coast of Africa between northeastern Mozambique and northwestern Madagascar. Other countries near the Comoros are Tanzania to the northwest and the Seychelles to the northeast. Its capital is Moroni, on Grande Comore. The Union of the Comoros has three official languages – Comorian, Arabic and French. The religion of the majority of the population is Islam. At 1,660 sq km, excluding the contested island of Mayotte, the Comoros is the third-smallest African nation by area. The population, excluding Mayotte, is estimated at 798,000. As a nation formed at a crossroads of different civilizations, the archipelago is noted for its diverse culture and history. The archipelago was first inhabited by Bantu speakers who came from East Africa, supplemented by Arab and Austronesian immigration.

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Geographical values

  • absolute in degrees, minutes and seconds:
    11° 43′ 39″ S • of southern latitude
    43° 14′ 20″ E • of eastern longitude
  • in degrees with decimal fractions:
    −11.727391°; 43.238996°

Length of Comoros from south to north is 157.329 kilometers, from west ot east – from 182.966 km on south to 183.929 km on north.

State symbols

Flag of Comoros
Flag of Comoros
Coat of arms, seal, symbol, emblem of Comoros
Coat of arms of Comoros

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