Eritrea, officially the State of Eritrea, is a country in the Horn of Africa. With its capital at Asmara, it is bordered by Sudan in the west, Ethiopia in the south, and Djibouti in the southeast. The northeastern and eastern parts of Eritrea have an extensive coastline along the Red Sea. The nation has a total area of approximately 117,600 sq km, and includes the Dahlak Archipelago and several of the Hanish Islands. Its toponym Eritrea is based on the Greek name for the Red Sea, which was first adopted for Italian Eritrea in 1890. Eritrea is a multi-ethnic country, with nine recognized ethnic groups in its population of around six million. Most residents speak languages from the Afroasiatic family, either of the Ethiopian Semitic languages or Cushitic branches. Among these communities, the Tigrinya make up about 55% of the population, with the Tigre people constituting around 30% of inhabitants. In addition, there are a number of Nilo-Saharan-speaking Nilotic ethnic minorities. Most people in the territory adhere to Christianity or Islam.

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Geographical values

  • absolute in degrees, minutes and seconds:
    15° 19′ 49″ N • of northern latitude
    38° 55′ 57″ E • of eastern longitude
  • in degrees with decimal fractions:
    15.330210°; 38.932481°

Length of Eritrea from south to north is 639.277 kilometers, from west ot east – from 745.959 km on south to 725.819 km on north.

State symbols

Flag of Eritrea
Flag of Eritrea
Coat of arms, seal, symbol, emblem of Eritrea
Coat of arms of Eritrea

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