Countries of North America and their capitals

Found 41 country, shown from 1 to 41.

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FlagNamesCapitalContinentsOrganizationsHemispheresSizeCities numLetters num
JamaicaJMKingston North America28.0K97
Trinidad and Tobago
the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
TTPort of Spain North America23.8K417
Turks and Caicos
the Turks and Caicos Islands
TCCockburntown North America19.1K114
United States
America, the United States of America, USA, US
USWashington North America1.4M2,18112
Sint Maarten SXPhilipsburg North America5.1K111
Saint LuciaLCCastries North America9.3K110
Saint Kitts and Nevis
the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis, the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
KNBasseterre North America9.6K218
Saint Vincent
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
VCKingstown North America11.1K112
Saint Pierre and Miquelon
the Overseas Collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon
PMSaint-Pierre North America9.7K122
Saint Martin
the Collectivity of Saint Martin
MFMarigot North America4.8K211
Saint Barthélemy
the Territorial Collectivity of Saint-Barthélemy
BLGustavia North America962115
El Salvador
the Republic of el Salvador
SVSan Salvador North America28.9K410
Puerto Rico
the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, PR
PRSan Juan North America31.6K1010
the Republic of Panama
PAPanama North America South America64.9K166
the Republic of Nicaragua
NIManagua North America68.4K49
Montserrat MSPlymouth North America7.0K110
the United Mexican States
MXMexico North America369.9K3646
Martinique MQFort-de-France North America11.2K110
Curaçao CWWillemstad North America10.4K47
the Republic of Cuba
CUHavana North America118.1K344
Costa Rica
the Republic of Costa Rica
CRSan José North America75.2K129
Caribbean Netherlands
BQKralendijk North America83.1K220
CanadaCAOttawa North America978.7K6266
Cayman Islands KYGeorgetown North America22.0K213
the Dominican Republic
DOSanto Domingo North America46.7K2310
the Commonwealth of Dominica
DMRoseau North America9.6K18
Greenland GLNuuk North America665.4K89
GrenadaGDSaint George’s North America13017
the Republic of Honduras
HNTegucigalpa North America77.6K128
the Republic of Guatemala
GTGuatemala North America3.6K149
Guadeloupe GPBasse-Terre North America13.6K710
the Republic of Haiti
HTPort-au-Prince North America39.0K75
British Virgin Islands
VGRoadtown North America10.8K220
Bermuda BMHamilton North America7.9K17
BelizeBZBelmopan North America1.1K76
BarbadosBBBridgetown North America8.7K18
the Commonwealth of the Bahamas
BSNassau North America102.9K17
Aruba AWOranjestad North America7.4K15
Antigua and BarbudaAGSaint John’s North America13.8K117
Anguilla AIValley North America7.8K18
American Virgin Islands
the United States Virgin Islands, USVI
VICharlotte Amalie North America13.5K221

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