Cities starting with letter R

Found 300 cities, shown from 1 to 48.

Ranchi🇮🇳 India96.8K1.1K06
Ratnagiri🇮🇳 India122.7K26409
Raipur🇮🇳 India85.7K2.3K06
Rohtak🇮🇳 India6.7K61106
Rajahmundry🇮🇳 India124.7K1.5K011
Rampur🇮🇳 India18.2K62806
Renigunta🇮🇳 India151.5K25209
Rewa🇮🇳 India57.9K75404
Ramagundam🇮🇳 India101.3K1.0K010
Rajkot🇮🇳 India90.1K1.7K06
Rourkela🇮🇳 India99.2K46508
Rongcheng🇨🇳 China10.1K78909
Rugao🇨🇳 China85.9K81005
Ruston🇺🇸 United States168.5K24106
Raspberry🇺🇸 United States162.2K1.7K09
Rouses Point🇺🇸 United States71.2K1.6K011
Raton🇺🇸 United States274.8K48405
Ruidoso🇺🇸 United States291.8K1.7K07
Rutland🇺🇸 United States62.3K44207
Racine🇺🇸 United States114.4K1.4K06
Redwood Falls🇺🇸 United States189.5K1.6K012
Rocky Mount🇺🇸 United States30.4K1.2K010
Rawlins🇺🇸 United States303.3K1.2K07
Roanoke Rapids🇺🇸 United States25.1K331013
Radcliff🇺🇸 United States89.7K46208
Rome🇺🇸 United States46.0K24104
Riviera Beach🇺🇸 United States124.9K948012
Rupert🇺🇸 United States368.3K47206
River Junction🇺🇸 United States151.0K1.6K013
Retreat🇺🇸 United States215.3K1.7K07
Rochester🇺🇸 United States43.3K2.2K09
Randolph🇺🇸 United States68.3K24108
Red Lake Falls🇺🇸 United States212.4K1.6K012
Rio, del🇺🇸 United States257.0K24103
Riverbank🇺🇸 United States439.2K75809
Rambler🇺🇸 United States300.6K1.7K07
Racine🇺🇸 United States176.1K1.7K06
Rapid🇺🇸 United States267.1K2.1K05
Riverview🇺🇸 United States49.4K1.7K09
Roseburg🇺🇸 United States465.1K44708
Red Bluff🇺🇸 United States452.3K54108
Rockdale🇺🇸 United States216.0K57308
Round Top🇺🇸 United States215.5K1.7K08
Reed🇺🇸 United States98.4K1.6K04
Rock Falls🇺🇸 United States129.8K30409
Redding🇺🇸 United States453.9K2.0K07
Redondo Beach🇺🇸 United States416.5K984012
Reading🇺🇸 United States18.4K1.5K07

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